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We are passionate about saving lives.

Learn CPR/AED and First Aid skills in a relaxing and low pressure atmosphere.
Our classes are fun, but informative.
Most of all, we want you to leave with the knowledge and confidence to perform life saving skills.

What sets us apart.

Exceptional learning, small classes, well paced, friendly atmosphere… These are some of the things our clients say they like about our classes.  And this is why they keep coming back to us.  After twenty plus years in the field, we have developed our own brand of training…
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Why hands-on training is a must.

If you do a web search for “online CPR certification” you will find a multitude of resources to help you. Get instant CPR certification! Get your CPR card in as little as 30 minutes!
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cpr classes, aed defibrillator classes, MA

What clients are saying.

"Your training was fantastic!  All the teachers talked about how wonderful it was.  It was very informative yet not overwhelming.  In 11 years of CPR and First Aid trainings, it was the best one I've attended."

Sue Tucker, M.S., Center Director Campus Kinder Haus of Eastern Nazarene College October 23, 2015