What Clients Are Saying

“Of all the CPR classes we’ve had, yours is the one that makes me feel the most prepared for an emergency.  You relate it to real situations and keep it interesting.”

“I have been to many CPR classes and this was the best one I've ever attended.”

“I really enjoyed the class. I was telling my husband that it was the best CPR course that I have taken!”

“The easy flowing manner of her presenting style helped any who were anxious…. The additional service that is provided, to help set up the AED… was extremely useful. We look forward to the time when Barbara will return to review and update our staff. All in all, a job well done.”

"I was very pleased with Barbara’s presentation…It was thorough and professionally executed. Barbara clearly had prepared well, and had valuable knowledge and expertise to share. She presented the material in a way that was both easy to understand and entertaining... The nurses in attendance gave the program very high marks and spoke positively about it. I would recommend Barbara Augello as a speaker and trainer without hesitation.”

Caritas Carney Hospital

“We are very pleased with the training services of Barbara Augello and Health Ed of New England. Barbara's classes are always delivered in a professional and structured manner…We have a diverse community of teaching staff, and Barbara takes special care and attention to ensure that all staff are learning and understanding the material provided. Health Ed of New England has been a great resource for our school.”

Boston Higashi School, Randolph MA

"Your training was fantastic!  All the teachers talked about how wonderful it was.  It was very informative yet not overwhelming.  In 11 years of CPR and First Aid trainings, it was the best one I've attended."

Campus Kinder Haus of Eastern Nazarene College

“Professionally presented and executed. Pacing was excellent. Best CPR training I have ever attended. Thank you.”

Duxbury MA

“I've chosen to continue taking training sessions with Barbara over the past few years. I feel confident in her subject knowledge, and know that I will leave with the comprehensive life skills that I was seeking!… I encourage everyone to attend one of her seminars!”

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

“Barbara, we’ve been keeping the library staff prepared to administer CPR through your classes for several years now. It’s good to feel prepared for an emergency. Thank you!”

Kingston Public Library, Kingston MA

"In all my years of CPR and first aid trainings – and there have been many – this was outstanding. It was by far the best."

Chandler Extended Day Program

"Best training I have ever had. Great props."

Hyannis MA

"The class is very informative!"

"Very enjoyable. The class size was small and there was ample time devoted to practice. The atmosphere of the class was relaxing and interactive."

"Very thorough...well organized. This was the most comprehensive CPR training I have had yet."

Fellowship Health Resources

"Excellent instructor...Makes everything easy to understand and puts you at ease to attempt CPR."

"I really enjoyed the class. There were many new things learned that may come in handy."

"Even though I didn't know much coming in, I left with a great understanding and desire to help others."

"Wonderful class; fun!"

"Very effective teaching technique!"

"My 3rd or 4th time with [Health Ed of New England], excellent and thorough. Very nice!"

"Barbara is always clear, knowledgeable, pleasant, and personable; it's a great class."

"Barbara provides great instruction in a relaxed atmosphere."

"I know I will feel more confident when I babysit for my grandchildren after taking this class."

"Thank you very much. I learned a lot; everything was very clear and well explained."

"Concrete examples [were] very helpful and compelling. It was visual,auditory, and kinesthetic....humorous too."

"Barbara is wonderful! Makes a tough subject easy to learn! Friendly, funny, patient, informative, happy! Support staff was great too."

"Always a painless way to reinforce learned material."

"Great job! Very knowledgeable, concise. Great examples!"

"Very well organized!"

"Barbara always makes me feel comfortable to ask questions. She always brings excellent aids and other people."

"The perfect blend of educating, personal experience, seriousness, and laughter."

"Your team's energy and experience brought the material to life."

"The additional instructors were very helpful...had useful info to share."

"Excellent job! Very informative and thorough! Thank you!"

Kingston Elementary School, Kingston MA

"You offer a very complete program. Thank you!"

"Barbara gives a very good presentation every time. Very educational."